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IUCr workshop "Practical approach to synchrotron experiments"

A half-day workshop will be held in the frame of the IUCr congress on 21.08.2023. Six speakares (scientists and beamline scientists) give practical advice and guidance to synchrotron users in all stages of the beamtime: pre-experiment, experiment and post-experiments. Lunch included!

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The workshop on "Practical approach to synchrotron experiments" aims to answer pragmatic questions that synchrotron users may have when trying to optimize their beamtime. These include finding a suitable beamline, access mode to synchrotrons, proposal writing, designing and conducting an experiment, troubleshooting during the measurement, and post-experiment activities. As such, the workshop is suited for a range of audience: first-time users, researchers without immediate contact at synchrotrons, advanced users aiming to improve their use of beamtime, and users from industry. The workshop is organised in collaboration of the IUCr commitees and Swiss Society for Crystallography and it will take place on 21.08., 8:00-13:00. The registration fee will be used for luch and coffee catering during the workshop.

Six speakers, researchers and beamline scientists, will share their advice and provide guidance in a form of short lectures.

Prof. John Helliwell will introduce you to synchrotron sources and all their general technical and administrative practices.

Dr. Nigel Kirby (ANSTO) will lead you through practicalities of SAXS beamlines

Dr. Sam Horrell will take you on a journey through the world of macromolecular crystallography (MX) beamlines.

Dr. Rosie Young will take macromolecular crystallography beamlines a bit further, and discuss MX beamlines with capacity to do also other techniques

Dr. Henrik Jeppesen will reveal power of powder and scattering beamlines

Dr. Eiji Nishibori will help you optimize the use of beamlines that combine single crystal diffraction and powder diffraction

During lunch, there will be time for further discussions with speakers be it specific questions on the technique or what can we learn from other techniques.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne!