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La société suisse de cristallographie (SSCr) et sa section de croissance cristalline et des matériaux sert de forum commun pour des cristallographes, des chimistes, des physiciens de la matière condensée et des minéralogistes dans lequel peuvent être échangées les idées scientifiques et interdisciplinaires.en plus

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The SSCr

The Swiss Society for Crystallography and its section Crystal Growth and Materials Research were founded in 1968 by crystallographers, chemists, solid-state physicists and mineralogists as a common forum for interdisciplinary scientific exchange. It is part of the Swiss Academy of Sciences as a professional society for scientists and represents Switzerland in the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and the International Organization for Crystal Growth (IOCG).

The society organizes national and international conferences and symposia, group seminars, focused working meetings and individual seminars at universities and industrial research centers. It also strengthens its relationship with the corresponding societies in other European countries with joint meetings. On a personal level, these relationships already exist in that roughly 10% of our members are active in other countries.

The annual personal membership dues for the society and section are SFr. 40.- (SFr. 10.- for undergraduate and graduate students). Besides announcements and invitations to events organized by the society itself, members receive information about up-coming meetings, summer schools and seminars in other countries. By active participation, members help determine the future activities of the society.

If you wish to promote our activities through your membership, we request that you fill in the Registration. The Statutes of the Society (in German and French) are also available.