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The Swiss Society for Crystallography (SSCr) and its section of crystal growth and material research are used as a common forum for crystallographers, chemists, solid-state physicists and mineralogists, in which the scientific and interdisciplinary ideas can be exchanged.more

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Labs in Switzerland




Basel, Biozentrum

Jan Pieter Abrahams

Protein Crystallography

Bern, University

Simon Grabowsjy

Quantum Crystallography

Bern, University

Dimitrios Fotiadis

CSEMMaterial Characterization
CrystalliseX-ray analytical service
Dectris LtdX-ray detectors
ELDICO ScientificElectron diffraction


X-ray analytics, SAXS, tomography


Wendy Queen

Powder and single crystal diffraction, MOFs
EPFL, XRDSAPX-ray analytics, SAXS, Surface Analysis
EPFL, Protein Core facility

Protein production and structure determination

Geneva, University,

Enrico Giannini

Crystal growth

Geneva, University

Radovan Cerny

Powder diffraction, battery materials
Grenoble, Swiss-Norwegian Beamlines SNBLMultipurpose diffraction, synchrotron
PSI, SLS, Group for macromolecular crystallographyMacromolecular crystallography, synchrotron
PSI, SLS, Materials Science beamlineMultipurpose diffraction, synchrotron
PSI, Solid state structuresNeutron diffraction, neutron source

Zürich, University

Amedeo Caflish

Structural biology

Zürich, University

Anthony Linden

Single crystal diffraction

Zürich, University,

Bernhard Spingler

Bioinorganic chemistry, crystal growth
Zürich, University, PCCProtein Crystallization center
Zürich, ETHZ, D-MATLService platform
Zürich, ETHZ, SMoCCSmall molecule crystallography, Service